Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    212-CFV Coffeyville
(lat:37.1042, lon:-95.5417) 212-DBX 'Morrison'  Washington
(lat:39.7708, lon:-97.0417) 227-MPR Mc Pherson
(lat:38.3542, lon:-97.7083) 230-NRN Norton
(lat:39.8542, lon:-99.875) 245-UKL 'Boyd'  Burlington
(lat:38.3125, lon:-95.7083) 256-TQK Scott City
(lat:38.4792, lon:-100.875) 258-PPF Parsons
(lat:37.3542, lon:-95.5417) 281-EWK Newton
(lat:38.0625, lon:-97.2917) 296-LQR Larned
(lat:38.1875, lon:-99.125) 305-#867 Thompsonville  (Kansas City)
(lat:39.1042, lon:-95.375) 314-CVY 'Cavalry'  Fort Riley
(lat:39.0208, lon:-96.7917) 326-FO 'Riply'  Topeka
(lat:38.8958, lon:-95.5417) 332-IC 'Piche'  Wichita
(lat:37.5625, lon:-97.4583) 335-CNK Concordia
(lat:39.5625, lon:-97.625) 335-ID 'Jeffe'  Independence
(lat:37.0625, lon:-95.7917) 338-HIL 'Hilyn'  Great Bend
(lat:38.3542, lon:-98.875) 338-JZ 'Newbn'  Lawrence
(lat:38.8958, lon:-95.125) 341-JHN 'Bear Creek'  Johnson
(lat:37.6458, lon:-101.708) 341-MYZ Marysville
(lat:39.8542, lon:-96.625) 341-OIN Oberlin
(lat:39.8125, lon:-100.542) 344-SL 'Flory'  Salina
(lat:38.6875, lon:-97.625) 347-GC 'Pieve'  Garden City
(lat:37.8125, lon:-100.708) 353-SO 'Sawcy'  Winfield / Arkansas City
(lat:37.1042, lon:-97.0417) 356-PTT Pratt
(lat:37.7292, lon:-98.7083) 362-CYW Clay Center
(lat:39.3958, lon:-97.125) 365-ADT Atwood
(lat:39.8542, lon:-101.042) 365-HQG Hugoton
(lat:37.1458, lon:-101.375) 365-PTS Pittsburg
(lat:37.4375, lon:-94.7083) 368-IX 'Dustt'  Olathe
(lat:38.7292, lon:-94.875) 368-PHG Phillipsburg
(lat:39.6875, lon:-99.2917) 374-HY 'Nette'  Hays
(lat:38.7708, lon:-99.2083) 377-EHA Elkhart
(lat:37.0208, lon:-101.875) 379-FSK Fort Scott
(lat:37.8125, lon:-94.7917) 380-OEL Oakley
(lat:39.1042, lon:-100.792) 383-EQA El Dorado
(lat:37.7708, lon:-96.7917) 383-LB 'Panck'  Liberal
(lat:36.9792, lon:-100.958) 386-LYO Lyons
(lat:38.3542, lon:-98.2083) 386-SYF St. Francis
(lat:39.7292, lon:-101.792) 389-MEJ Meade
(lat:37.2708, lon:-100.375) 391-MQD 'Mc Dowell Creek'  Manhattan
(lat:39.1042, lon:-96.625) 395-CA 'Harvs'  Newton
(lat:38.1458, lon:-97.2917) 395-ULS Ulysses
(lat:37.6042, lon:-101.375) 404-HU 'Saltt'  Hutchinson
(lat:38.1042, lon:-97.9583) 407-HRU Herington
(lat:38.6875, lon:-96.7917) 408-JDM 'Wheatfield'  Colby
(lat:39.5208, lon:-101.042) 410-MSB 'Monarch'  Iola
(lat:37.7708, lon:-95.375) 414-EGT Wellington
(lat:37.3125, lon:-97.375) 414-GL 'Shugr'  Goodland
(lat:39.3125, lon:-101.625) 414.5-RPB 'Republican'  Belleville
(lat:39.8125, lon:-97.625) 419-GB 'Babsy'  Great Bend
(lat:38.2708, lon:-98.875) 420-PK Olathe
(lat:38.7708, lon:-94.7083) 521-TO 'Biloy'  Topeka
(lat:39.1042, lon:-95.7083) 526-OJ 'Furor'  Olathe
(lat:38.9375, lon:-94.7083) 308-HIL 'HILYN' GREAT BEND
(lat:38.3542, lon:-98.875) 293-PPF Parsons
(lat:37.3542, lon:-95.5417) 28278-AC3A Leawood
(lat:38.8958, lon:-94.625) 28233-N2UHC Frontenac
(lat:37.4375, lon:-94.7083) 289-#765 Maple Hill (Topeka)
(lat:39.0625, lon:-96.0417) 505.35-WD2XSH/19 
(lat:, lon:) 329-ID 'Jeffe' Independence
(lat:37.0625, lon:-95.7917) 28251.5-AC0MO Hutchinson
(lat:38.1042, lon:-97.875) 50077.6-N0LL Smith Center
(lat:39.9375, lon:-98.7917) 28263-AC3A Leawood
(lat:38.8958, lon:-94.625) 475.7-KC3OL Lawrence
(lat:38.9792, lon:-95.2917)