Detailed State maps

  • These maps are derived from those produced by Ray Sterner, licenced by and used here with their kind permission.
  • Move mouse over transmitters to see information for any station shown or click for full details. Darker icons indicate a cluster of transmitters at a location.

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    201-CZE Clarksville
(lat:33.4792, lon:-93.4583) 208-BDQ 'Bridge'  Morrilton
(lat:35.1458, lon:-92.7083) 215-MVQ Malvern
(lat:34.3542, lon:-92.7917) 223-FS 'Wizer'  Fort Smith
(lat:35.3542, lon:-94.2083) 226-REN Warren
(lat:33.5625, lon:-92.125) 227-TNZ 'Lawrence Co.'  Walnut Ridge
(lat:36.1875, lon:-90.9583) 233-HR 'Bakky'  Harrison
(lat:36.1458, lon:-93.125) 239-BPW Osceola
(lat:35.6875, lon:-90.0417) 242-BKZ Brinkley
(lat:34.8958, lon:-91.2083) 242-MEZ Mena
(lat:34.5625, lon:-94.2083) 251-HEE 'Thompson-Robbins'  West Helena  (Helena)
(lat:34.5625, lon:-90.7083) 256-HBZ Heber Springs
(lat:35.5208, lon:-92.0417) 263-RO Rogers
(lat:36.4792, lon:-94.0417) 266-AGO Magnolia
(lat:33.2292, lon:-93.2083) 269-SGT Stuttgart
(lat:34.6458, lon:-91.625) 275-ADF Arkadelphia
(lat:34.0625, lon:-93.125) 281-DEQ De Queen
(lat:34.0625, lon:-94.375) 282-MXA Manila
(lat:35.8958, lon:-90.125) 302-CWS Conway
(lat:35.1042, lon:-92.4583) 310-#861 Frenchmans Bayou  (Memphis,  TN)
(lat:35.4792, lon:-90.2083) 311-GK 'Jembo'  Fort Smith
(lat:35.3125, lon:-94.4583) 323-SRC Searcy
(lat:35.2292, lon:-91.7083) 332-FCY Forrest City
(lat:34.9375, lon:-90.7917) 335-CDH Camden
(lat:33.6042, lon:-92.7917) 344-AJX Ash Flat
(lat:36.1875, lon:-91.625) 348-VLX 'Wilcox'  Mountain View
(lat:35.8542, lon:-92.125) 350-IUI 'Hicks'  Blytheville
(lat:35.9375, lon:-89.875) 353-LI 'Lasky'  Little Rock
(lat:34.6875, lon:-92.2917) 362-AWM West Memphis
(lat:35.1458, lon:-90.2083) 362-HPC Hope
(lat:33.7292, lon:-93.625) 375-DS Searcy
(lat:35.1042, lon:-91.7917) 379-RUE Russellville
(lat:35.2708, lon:-93.125) 383-PGR Paragould
(lat:36.0625, lon:-90.5417) 385-HO 'Hossy'  Hot Springs
(lat:34.4375, lon:-93.2083) 400-EWP Newport
(lat:35.6458, lon:-91.2083) 418-EL 'Lados'  El Dorado
(lat:33.2708, lon:-92.7083) 290-TYV 'Toneyville'  Jacksonville
(lat:34.9375, lon:-92.0417) 311-AFT Fort Smith
(lat:35.3125, lon:-94.4583) 296-HBZ 
(lat:35.5208, lon:-92.0417) 317-INY 'Independence County'  Batesville
(lat:35.6875, lon:-91.7917) 234-TX 'Tecco'  Texarkana
(lat:33.5208, lon:-93.9583) 410-MPJ Morrilton
(lat:35.1042, lon:-92.9583) 352-VM 'Meana', Mena Intermountain Municipal
(lat:34.5208, lon:-94.0417) 335-BV 'Almnd'  Batesville
(lat:35.6875, lon:-91.7917) 338-TT 'Stutt' Stuttgart
(lat:34.5208, lon:-91.5417) 505-WD2XSH/15 Little Rock
(lat:, lon:) 187.4-WMS Jacksonville
(lat:34.8542, lon:-92.125) 395-HR 'Bakky' Harrison
(lat:36.1458, lon:-93.125) 28243.5-W5BUB Cedarville
(lat:35.6042, lon:-94.375) 28260-AD5KO Mena
(lat:34.7708, lon:-94.2083) 28211.8-WB5DYG Gilbert
(lat:33.3542, lon:-111.792) 28291.5-K5TLJ Trumann
(lat:37.2708, lon:-121.792) 185.3-AR Jacksonville
(lat:34.8542, lon:-92.125) 28220.3-KF5VXU Batesville
(lat:35.7708, lon:-91.625) 28217.5-N5MIG Helena
(lat:34.5208, lon:-90.625) 28271.5-N5MIG Helena
(lat:34.5208, lon:-90.625) 28217.3-N5MIG Helena
(lat:34.5208, lon:-90.625)